What We Do

At Silent Smile, we are steadfast in our commitment to helping people and breaking the cycle of poverty. We aim to help our community as much as much as possible through providing essentials such as hygiene essentials, diapers, wipes and food as well as access to education.

Our dedication to helping the elderly, young children and their parents is something we’re especially proud of. We understand that education helps individual children as well as overall the community for generations to come. Higher education rates lead to improvement in healthcare and gender equality and it can help people become great role models to their own children as well as others.

We have people working directly in the community and across the globe to find the most effective way in which to directly fund long-lasting, tangible benefits to the people in the community. We make regular visits to check progress and ensure that everything is working to the standard we expect. We are a tax-exempt organization and therefore all donations made to us can be claimed with the IRS.

Many areas we visit have been ravaged by political instability and struggles that are outside of the control of residents. Liberia, for example, suffered through a seven-year civil war leaving a quarter of a million people dead and many more displaced or unable to access the resources they needed. This was followed by a second civil war two years later. At Silent Smile, we aim to give people the tools they need to live happy, fulfilled lives.

The work we’ve done and will continue to do would not be possible without our friends, trustees and supporters. Whether you’re an individual or part of a business that would like to help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Help people in Africa achieve their aspirations through education, basic supplies and other pragmatic tools by supporting us today.

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